Chiropody – Podiatry

In our clinic, we also offer treatments for the feet. We focus on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the different conditions that the feet can be affected by.

Our team of professional podiatrists will offer the best advice to improve the health of your feet.

Leave your feet in the best hands.

The podiatrist can help everyone, no matter what age they are: in each stage of your life, different problems can arise.

We help you maintain your equilibrium

What do we treat?

  • Expert treatment of foot, skin and nail problems
  • Skin alterations (Corns and calluses, hard skin, ingrown toenails)
  • Infections (Fungal growth, warts, verrucae)Deformed toes: hammertoe, claw toes, bunions)
  • Corrective inserts
  • Custom insoles/orthopaedic insole
  • General foot deformities (corns, flat feet, club foot)
  • Diabetic foot care/problems (we have a podiatrist that specialises in this treatment)
  •  Other
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Come and meet us! Ask for a no-obligation appointment and we will give you a totally personalised consultation in return.