Complementary Therapies


Kinesiology for health and well-being

Kinesiology is a method that identifies and corrects alterations in the body through a qualitative muscle test. It addresses the global balance of a person, that is, at a physical, emotional, chemical and energetic level. Its purpose is to prevent illness or restore vitality and well-being. It is completely natural and non-invasive

At Fisio Clinic Salinas, we aim to use this technique in a personalised way, always keeping in mind that each person is different.

Coaching for health and well-being

Coaching is a process of advice and support for people to acquire skills, knowledge and confidence in order to achieve their health and well-being goals, which they themselves establish.

We all have an innate healing energy within our own body that always seeks to maintain optimal health and balance. However, due to various stressors, there are often blockages in this healing capacity and the body may need help to achieve this balance. The body has the wisdom to heal itself.

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